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Mouer was also excited about a site that predated the 1622 massacre of colonists by Indians.Clay pipe stems found there indicated the approximate age of the site.Landscape features include intricate terraces and traces of underground tunnels down to the James River which could be used as an escape route from potential Indian invasions.article written by Overton Mc Gehee, dated May 13, 1985, quoted L.It is easy to see how the name Longfield originated.It is a noticeably wide expanse of open land along historic route 5 in the Varina District of Henrico County with trees apparent only at either end.Earlier, from 1674 to his death in 1676, Nathaniel Bacon lived at Curles.

Archaeologists uncovered the Thomas Harris house foundation, one of the oldest homes found in Virginia dating between 1635-1654. The archaeologists noted that the framing posts of this house sat in the full basement and some were enclosed by bricks which was unique in the Chesapeake area.It is believed from their findings that the Harris house burned in the 1650s.Some of the artifacts found included an Elizabethan six-pence dated 1573, part of an armor breastplate pottery shards, part of glass wine bottles with a Randolph seal, smoking pipes, nails, an ax head, and a curtain ring.Either Richard Randolph III or Henry Heth, who had purchased Curles by 1799, added an enlarged Greek Revival porch on the front of the house.The house appeared to have been dismantled by Union Soldiers during the civil War.

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A prominent representative of that family was the patriot Wilson Roscow Curle of the Revolutionary era.

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