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The zoo was founded 41 years ago by Irwin's father, Bob, who handed over the reins to the ebullient khaki-clad television naturalist and his American-born wife after retiring in 1991.The couple transformed it into a successful wildlife theme park, with 550 staff, more than 1,000 animals on 60 acres of bushland and more than a million visitors a year.He returned home for reasons that are unclear to German authorities in Dec 2013 and was arrested at Frankfurt airport.Authorities estimate around 400 German nationals have travelled to Iraq and Syria to battle for the militants.Mr Murdock, who was made redundant in 2009, said that without Irwin, the zoo lacked pulling power.

However, a former receptionist, Amy-Lee Hines, claimed the seriousness of the financial situation was being underplayed.When Australia's self-styled "Crocodile Hunter", Steve Irwin, was killed by a stingray's barb, his family pledged to continue his conservation work.Less than five years on, though, the wildlife park he turned into a global tourist attraction is rumoured to be drowning in debt and on the verge of closure.Berisha is believed to have become radicalised when he fell in with a group of Muslim fundamentalists while on a job training programme.Federal prosecutors say Berisha travelled to Syria via Turkey in July 2013 with other Islamists planning to join the fight to create an Islamist "caliphate" straddling Syria and Iraq.

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But the parents have been informed their daughter could be dead."Austrian authorities fear that the two teenagers' example is inspiring other young, radicalised Muslim women to travel to Syria and volunteer to fight.