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Austin Outreach is working every day to help educate and prevent the spread of HIV in communities of color and work toward ending AIDS as we know it....

more AOCSC provides HIV prevention services to Austin Recovery, Drug Diversion Court, Austin Family House, local Churches, housing developments, and correctional facilities providing HIV/AIDS/STD/Hep C and substance abuse education to individuals who are at highest risk for HIV/AIDS.

Austin Outreach and Community Service Center’s mission is to improve the quality of life for African Americans and those in need by promoting and providing specialized services and resources in the areas of Health, Education, and HIV Prevention for African Americans and those in need.

Our goal is to provide culturally sensitive HIV education and information to prevent, and reduce exposure to and transmission of infection through the reduction or elimination of high-risk behaviors among African Americans...

Check out some snaps from the family affair (below)!

judge -- sitting backstage at Ellen De Generes' daytime talk show -- reads out loud all of "the supportive words" he's received about his title. The real reason Victoria Beckham is not doing the Spice Girls reunion!

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