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However, once you learn the facts about herpes, you will realize that you can live a healthy normal life, date and have children, just like everyone else. Please explore the rest of our website and links to learn more about ********** If you have been recently diagnosed with genital herpes, you may be upset and confused and think your sex life is over.However, once you settle down and learn the facts, you will realize that having genital herpes is not the end of the world, and herpes is not the end of your sex life or your social life. We appreciate your feedback and suggestions and links.Smart safe sex practices can cut the risk of spreading or catching the virus to nearly zero.And finally, if you do have herpes, there are effective treatments for helping with outbreaks, so you shouldn't feel hopeless. Anyone can get herpes." More from Things You Must Tell Your Gynecologist 9 Biggest Emergency Contraception Myth Am I Normal 'Down There'?Sometimes the question is data-based, about what transmission statistics are real. When you ask me questions about if you should date someone with herpes, I know you’re looking for an expert opinion.Sometimes the question is esoteric, about whether or not he truly knew this woman in the first place. You’ve never given herpes any serious thought before and here I am, a woman with herpes and a blog, who has so generously spilled her guts to the Internet about what it’s like.Myth: I've never had an outbreak, so I definitely don't have herpes Unfortunately, the lack of a visible outbreak doesn't mean you're herpes-free. "Outbreaks can be very mild and even confused with things like heat rash, jock itch, yeast infections, [and] allergic reactions," adds Fred Wyand, director of communications for the American Sexual Health Association (ASHA). It's not going to change your management and provide more answers, which is why it's not routinely offered." Complicating things further is that the herpes virus is very similar to the virus that causes shingles and chicken pox, and so if you've had either of those, that can often skew your results as well, Dr. Then your doctor can run tests on the sores or lesions to determine whether it is in fact herpes, and what type you're dealing with.Many people infected with the virus never experience an outbreak, says Mary Rosser, MD, Ph D, director of obstetrics and gynecology at Montefiore Medical Center. "So while some cases do involve pronounced symptoms, most never do." Myth: Well, I got tested for STDs recently, so I still know I'm in the clear Even if you've been hyper-responsible about getting tested--that's irrelevant when it comes to herpes. RELATED: 16 Signs You May Have HIV Myth: Without a visible outbreak, herpes isn't contagious Since outbreaks aren't always obvious, it's not always clear when you're contagious.

On the other hand, herpes itself honestly isn’t that big of a deal for most of us.

To really break it down, let's say you touch an infected person's genitals with your mouth while they're shedding the virus, but there's no genital-to-genital touching.

You can then be infected with either HSV-1 or HSV-2 (whichever your partner has) and go on to develop lesions at the site of the infection (in this case, your mouth). Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), 87.4% of infected individuals have no clue. The best way to tell is to wait until you have an outbreak of lesions.

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Here’s another pet peeve of my email inbox: when a man (because it’s almost always a man) asks me if he should continue seeing this woman he’s been dating who just told him she has herpes.

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It is pretty unsettling that so much of the population has the virus, but just because someone has the disease doesn't mean they're going to transmit it, Dr. In fact, most outbreaks usually occur in the first 1 to 2 years, and after that many people's bodies suppress the virus for the most part.