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A bar indicates how much of this space you have used and how much is free.

The free space is the size of unused space and the contents of the deleted folder combined.

Relying on the built-in space management software is not advisable.

I receive many emails from people who never deleted anything in their deleted folder and as soon as the free space reached 10% or lower they started experiencing planner failures.

The good news is that you don't need to call SKY and wait in a call queue as you can resolve this problem yourself. The update will be complete when you can perform a search or add a program to your planner without being informed that your box is initialising.This guide was written to provide you with a few helpful steps so that you could try and resolve the problem yourself.Usual disclaimer: I accept no responsibility for your actions. Keeping your deleted items folder empty or near empty is essential to maintain the health of your hard drive.This can lead to recording and playback performance problems.For example you may be recording two HD programs while playing a third from your planner.

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Your SKY box has to read and write a lot of data to and from your hard drive and if that hard drive is fragmented the hard drive mechanics have a lot of work to do which could lead to jerky playback or recording problems.