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Does this mean List Choice behavior is handled thru Ajax Form Component Updating Behavior after it is added to the component? Ajax Form Component Updating Event is called when there is an AJAX event. ------------------------------------------------------------------------- Take Surveys. page=join.php&p=sourceforge&CID=DEVDEV_______________________________________________ Wicket-user mailing list [email protected]://lists.sourceforge.net/lists/listinfo/wicket-user As you write List Choice are no longer invoked.

The ajax event are called afaik after all updates of model has occurred.

What isthe way to accomplish this using Ajax Form Component Updating Behavior or other Wicket AJAX components?

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Depending on the category selected, the Number combo is populated with either a set of even numbers or odd numbers.

This is shown below: Now some codes: First the html: Home /* * Home * * Created on 29 January 2012, */ package com.myapp.wicket; import

I have 2 List Choice (LC_A and LC_B), 1 List Mulitple Choice (LMC_C) and 1 Drop Down Choice (DDC_D ~ in DISABLED state).

We all can agree that the list of states shown to the user at any point in time would of course be dependent on the current country selected.

To access internal components from a wicket component we can use a get method with the markup-id as parameter if no methods are offered by that class.

Inside Date Time Field we can override a new Date Text Field method to add our behavior.

Hi, Where do I find more information about Ajax Form Component Updating Behavior class and classes related to it?

I presume this is the starting point when I want to add AJAX / JS feature to my application. I have an usecase where I would like to use to JS resolve because this is what I normally do with my previous web applications.

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Subsequently LMC_C will populated with items depending on what I have selected in LC_B.

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