Aim sex chats

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Aim sex chats

Age/sex/location (commonly referred to by the shorthand A/S/L, asl or ASL) is an article of Internet slang used in instant messaging programs and in Internet chatrooms.It is used as a question to find out the age, sex (or gender), and general location of the person one is talking to.And last month, Facebook started testing an away message function on its mobile platform. And while that's likely not why Verizon wanted you, we will always remember you when we hear a door creak open.

Two projects represented at the exhibition - 3rd joint call for transnational projects launched.

This concept brings up ethical questions regarding users "chang[ing their] identity, adopt[ing] new personalities and keep[ing] dreams and fantasies virtually real" in the internet world.

The chat room rules for Bipolar Disorder Chat Rooms state: "We discourage the use of age/sex/location (a/s/l).

AOL is shutting down its instant messaging service, AIM, after a two-decade run.

The company announced Friday that the chat app, which launched in 1997, will "no longer work" as of December 15th.

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Although it may not get full credit for it, AIM was a precursor to today's Internet.