Adventure games for dating

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Adventure games for dating

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Instead, I got a stark ending screen, and a lingering regret for the future that might have been.

There was no way I was going to let this game beat me. This time, I wasn’t going to make the mistake of insisting on paying for the ukulele, but I still felt strongly that I needed to make a contribution, so I offered to split the cost in hopes that Taira might be open to compromise. I wasn’t sure how we’d make it work, with the snout-to-arm ratio, but I figured we’d think of something.

This would be my first one, but, hell — how hard could it be? The premise of is simple enough: Your classmate Taira, who just happens to be a Tyrannosaurs Rex, dropped and broke his ukulele at a performance you encouraged him to give.

You've decided to invite him to the music store to pick out a new one at your expense. Taira insisted that I let him pay for the ukulele, but I stood firm: after all, I wanted to support him in his musical journey. If I’d let Taira have his way and made a few more careful choices, I might have been treated to a date in the park and a ukulele serenade.

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