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Adult x rated websites

For example, those who frequent porn sites more often are more likely to view sex as a purely physical function and to view women as sex objects. 2, pages 247-257), for example, attorney Janis Wolak, psychologist Kimberly Mitchell, Ph D, and Finkelhor, of the UNH center, found that 42 percent of a nationally representative sample of 1,500 Internet users ages 10 to 17 had been exposed to online porn in the last year, with two-thirds reporting only unwanted exposure.

They're also more likely to hold such views if they perceive the material as more realistic, research finds. Each year about 40 percent of teens and preteens visit sexually explicit sites either deliberately or accidentally, studies here and abroad show. In fact, the incidence of unwanted exposure has risen for this age group, from about 26 percent between 19, to 34 percent in 2005, the team has found.

Authoritative and authoritarian parents were much more likely than indulgent or neglectful ones to limit their youngsters' use of My Space, for example by keeping tabs on their children's My Space pages and requiring them to keep the computer in family rooms, the team found.

In turn, the teens appeared to internalize those messages by, for example, not looking at suggestive poses of fellow My Space users as much as those with indulgent or neglectful parents."Basically you're looking at clear, obvious differences in parenting styles, even in what kids see on My Space," says Rosen (see "Creating a space for My Space").

Others, though, suspect that frequent exposure may erode young people's ability to see the opposite sex in a wholesome way."We don't really know, but we suspect that exposure to, say, 10, 20, 30,000 pages of pornography may bias a young person in terms of what they consider a normal relationship," says Di Clemente, who says it will be up to policymakers and parents to decide what to do if that turns out to be the case.

What is clear to researchers, though, is the need for more research.

Whether the young person makes up images in his head, gets them from television shows, movies, magazines or images on the Internet, the process is much the same.

For some, it's to be "cool." There are reported cases of relatively young children using porn to impress their friends, much as kids sometimes smoke to show their independence.We didn't have the Internet when I was 14, but that didn't stop kids from getting their hands on copies of .Porn has been around for centuries and we're far from the first generation of parents who have had to deal with it.Sometimes it's curiosity, but in many cases -- especially for males past puberty -- it's for stimulation at times when no one else is around.Interest in sex and voyeuristic behavior to satisfy sexual urges are completely normal.

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In an as-yet-unpublished study, he found that young people's actions on My Space--including looking at others' risqué poses, displaying their own and tapping into porn links--are strongly influenced by parenting styles.

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