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Adult chat free irc

If you happen to witness something you shouldn't, be sure to tell an operator via a private message.If you're having a problem with a user or something else on IRC, you can query a channel operator, or "chanop".The freenode channel has a webpage, referred to as a "stats page", which lists the most active users over a given period of time, actions taken, and topic changes, among other things. If you need help with connecting to or using the channel, first see our Getting started page, and then ask on IRC if your question isn't answered there.If you cannot get on the IRC channel in the first place, you may ask for assistance on the talk page. The Guild chat is an IRC (Internet Relay Chat) channel (room). Some popular IRC clients include m IRC, Trillian, and Ice a great site that will answer all your questions about how to use IRC, including connecting and commands. They posess the power to change the topic, boot and ban people from the room, and otherwise take care of things in the channel.In any window, type: This would ignore all their private messages to you and their normal channel conversation.

Please private message an active chanop from this list if you need assistance.

You can find out more about chanops here as well as requesting these rights here.

In short, channel operators are much like "moderators" in any other public chat room, and each IRC channel has its own set of channel operators.

If you have an IRC client, click here to join #wikia-sims.

If you do not wish to install an IRC client, you can use the webchat, which runs right in your web browser.

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The wiki also operates a channel on the smaller Chat Lounge network, registered as #The Sims Wiki on irc.

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