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Adult cam bessie

The path to success begins with the feet—at least, that’s what Muk Luks has found.The design house first made a name for itself in 1972 with a titular line of cozy knit slipper socks.

Since his appointment in 2014, Kitchin has led the museum to embrace its founding principles of inspiring people and connecting communities through the power of art.

A series of soft paintings in a flat, naive style capture moments both timeless and historical (e.g., "Picking Wildflowers," "Hide and Go Seek" and "Saturday Night Bath").

Poverty is in evidence (children run barefoot, home is a dilapidated shack) but the joy of childhood transcends.

This wonderful oral history recreates a world of swings and doodlebugs, Sunday best clothes and kites; adult figures are peripheral.

In the same way, racial injustice is touched upon by implication ("I wanted to be a schoolteacher....

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She holds a Bachelor’s of Science in Accounting from Northern Kentucky University. Edmondson is a member of the Visionaries and Voices Board of Trustees and actively volunteers with numerous Grant County school programs, including serving as treasurer for several athletic teams.

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