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Accommodating speech

Among the more common speech impairments encountered at Allegheny are stuttering, chronic hoarseness, difficulty in evoking an appropriate word or term, and esophageal speech (resulting from a laryngectomy).Many speech-impaired students are reluctant to participate in activities that require speaking.

Most Allegheny students with speech impairments are able to sign, write, and type.There are four main socio-psychological theories: Similarity-attraction The similarity-attraction theory posits that, "The more similar our attitudes and beliefs are to those of others, the more likely it is for them to be attracted to us." An individual on the receiving end of high level of accommodation is likely to develop a greater sense of self-esteem and satisfaction than being a receiver of low accommodation.Social exchange process The social exchange process theory "...Speech impairments may have many causes – hearing loss, illness, injury, and congenital or psychological conditions.Speech impairments are found alone and in combination with other disabilities.

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