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420 dating website

The official return states that each ward contains almost 500 cubic feet to each bed; but we doubt this statement from our measurement.

Classification there is none, excepting the common division of male and female wards, and the separation of the "foul cases." In a house so conditioned there can be neither order nor method.

In September 1865, St George-the-Martyr was the subject of one of a series of articles in the medical journal This house is situated in Mint-street, Southwark, a densely crowded district on the S. of the Thames, with a population of 55,510 and is surrounded with every possible nuisance, physical and moral.

Bone-boilers, grease and cat-gut manufactories represent some of them, and there is a nest of thieves, which has existed ever since the days of Edward III.

The bedsteads were partly wood, and in some wards iron, on an average six feet in length and two feet six inches in width.

The beds of flock were in good canvas cases, as were also the pillows, and the sheets and blankets were moderately clean.

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