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Then January came and we started talking on the phone more.

And since both of us were looking for community I told her hey why don't we just do our own Bible studies together via Skype and we can have our own little Community going on.

But to those who have submitted their lives to Christ Jesus, it makes all the sense in the world.

Long story short the time came where after having dated without much success in San Diego I started looking for other forms of dating.

Perhaps the distance combined with business in each of are lives had factored into the equations but God had a different equation.

It was then and there that I decided to become an Electrical Engineer. The Lord kept giving the promises that he would bring that one woman He had set apart for me. I began serving in different ministries and the Lord began to use me in many different ways.

So I moved back to San Diego on October 31st 2012 and I started working on November 12th 2012. He kept blowing my mind with new windows of opportunities and open doors. He was showing me that His grace was greater than my sin.

It was evident in her life that she lived a Sanctified and set apart life and that drew me closer to her because that is what I had been looking for this whole time ever since I surrendered my life to Christ.

Well after a few weeks had passed now we're in February 2016.

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Well December of 2015 came and I thought it was the year that the Lord would bring the one I have been waiting for all this time. We had reached out to each other couple times in December.